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UNAM students to hold research internship in Spain

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Undergraduate students under the National Autonomous University of Mexico (UNAM, for its acronym in Spanish) will hold research internships at the University of Salamanca (USAL, for its acronym in Spanish) in Spain and collaborate on projects developed by the professors of the General Seminar of Research Methods.
The 12 university students were welcomed by the vice-rector of Internationalization of the Spanish university, María Ángeles Serrano García, who hoped that teaching and research activities will increase at other levels.

The USAL sought teachers from the areas involving the degree the students are currently studying to act as tutors; “The idea is also to integrate research groups to see how they develop jobs in different fields and learn good practices to conduct quality research,” she said.

The students who joined the USAL classrooms are Mayte Fernanda Ángeles Delgado, under the Faculty of Arts and Design; as well as Ximena Gutiérrez González, Cinthia Nayeli Ramírez García, Ilse Monserrat Tapia Patiño, Daniela Scanda Téllez Carbajal and Daniel Roberto Torres Arteaga, under the Faculty of Higher Studies Acatlan.

As well as René Ramírez Gómez and Óscar Magdaleno González, students under the Faculty of Chemistry; And Laura Noemi Barroso Vázquez, Fernando Insensé Arana, Jorge Daniel Olaiz Valle and Fernanda Estefanía Vargas Aceves, under the National School of Higher Education campus Leon.

The students traveled to Spain as part of the Research Methods Training Program. SEP-UNAM-FUNAM 2016.

Meanwhile, the General Seminar of Research Methods is organized by the representative office of the Spanish university in Mexico, in collaboration with international courses and taught by professors of the Faculty of Social Sciences.

In addition to the research experience, university students will also have cultural visits to places of interest in and around Salamanca.

In a statement issued by the maximum house of studies in Mexico, Serrano García indicated that with the UNAM the International System of Evaluation of the Spanish Language (SIELE, for its acronym in Spanish) was developed, as well as with the Cervantes Institute and the University of Buenos Aires.

She recalled that they also have agreements for research internships for students of the Master’s in Philosophy of Science of USAL at the Institute of Philosophical Research under the National University.

As well as the master’s degree in Democracy and Parliament, organized by the University of Salamanca and the Institute of Legal Research under the UNAM, in addition to a dozen projects that are in their planning stage.

The two universities will participate in the Laser & Accelerators project, which will bring together the USAL’s Pulsed Lasers Center (CLPU, for its acronym in Spanish) and the Complexity Science Center (C3) of UNAM.

In the field of the humanities, a collaboration agreement will be implemented between the postgraduate course of History and the doctorate program of Medieval, Modern, Contemporary and American History of both institutions.

This agreement will be promoted for the co-supervision of doctoral theses, mobility of academics and researchers and the implementation of joint projects.

This year, the USAL will be the guest of honor in the first edition of the International University Book Fair (FILUNI, for its acronym in Spanish), which will be held in the middle of the year in the central campus of the National Autonomous University of Mexico.

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