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Polytechnic students create innovative material for burn treatment

The National Polytechnic Institute (IPN) was able to create a biomaterial to treat injuries caused by skin burn, which regenerates the tissues and prevents infections during recovery.

The Center for Research and Advanced Studies (Cinvestav), Queretaro unit, reported that it is a plant material obtained from shrimp, lobster and lobster waste.

Scientists were able to combine debris with silver nanoparticles to form compounds that upon contact with bone, cartilage and skin cells allow regeneration, as demonstrated with laboratory mice.

“We have found that a burn injury that normally takes 21 days to heal, with this film the healing is three times faster than with conventional treatments,” said Cinvestav researcher Gabriel Luna Barcenas.

He emphasized that the importance of the project is to have achieved the balance, size, shape and composition of an intelligent material that besides allowing the regeneration of the cells prevents the attack by bacteria that can affect the process of healing of a person.

The statement said that with this advance an implant in vitro with cells of the patient to help heal injuries from burns of first and second degree can be generated.