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#MeToo en la U.S. National Academy of Sciences

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U.S. academy to consider ousters

The U.S. National Academy of Sciences (NAS) will ask its members on 30 April to allow proven sexual harassers and those guilty of other misconduct to be ejected from their ranks.

Currently, NAS’s more than 2300 members vote new ones into the prestigious organization for life.

But several high-profile NAS members have been found guilty by their institutions of sexual harassment or misconduct, leading to calls for change.

Members will be asked at their annual meeting to amend NAS bylaws to allow the academy’s 17-member council, by a two-thirds vote, to oust a member for harassment, bullying, or other misconduct described in NAS’s Code of Conduct.

Accusers would have to submit proof of wrongdoing—investigative reports from funding agencies, journals, or academic or other institutions—for assessment by an ad hoc NAS committee.

It’s likely that members present at their annual meeting on 30 April will approve a mail-in vote of the entire membership, a tradition for important bylaw changes.



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